The river is wide

Dungeness River

It started raining early Sunday evening and as far as I can tell it didn’t stop much overnight. Our rain gauge recorded nearly 1.5 inches in 17 hours. I took these shots of the Dungeness River about four hours after the rain stopped. The river was much higher than usual. And it usually looks less like a roiling mud pie.

Dungeness River 2

Lots of young trees and shrubs growing close along the river shores were up to their necks in the flow.

The snow pack in the Olympic Mountains is less than optimum and the freezing elevation was lowered in this latest storm. I’m afraid some of our snow pack became part of this river flow. The mountains have been hidden behind clouds so we haven’t had a look at the snow caps.

8 thoughts on “The river is wide”

  1. Uh oh! Do not like flooding! I remember when we lived in Phoenix we’d sometimes get torrential rains and people would try to drive through flooded washes or arroyos and get swept away. Stay safe!

  2. I’m thinking skiers cannot be happy about this! Plaus, it seems way too early in the year to have flooding. I hope this is not going to be a bad year in the Northwest!

  3. I’m glad the rain has finally stopped – we got just under 3 inches – thought we were going to float away. Fortunately we are not close to a river. Great photos.

  4. Love your caption. Have you ever read Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide? Love the book; old novel but for a retired school teacher, endlessly interesting!

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