Holiday cards

Collage cards

I make my own holiday cards. It feels backwards, like investing in a new manual typewriter as the world switches on ever more smart phones. But I like doing it, for all sorts of reasons.

I took pictures, mostly to keep track of the designs. Then I decided to share them with you. Consider them my holiday card to you.

5 thoughts on “Holiday cards”

  1. Kay, I do the same thing, only not as creative as yours. I duplicate appropriate photos that I have taken, affix it to a card (I buy them at Michael’s), and write a message inside. I’ve discovered during the last two years that fewer and fewer people are sending our holiday cards. Too bad because I love sending and receiving them!! Thank you for the holiday photo of your cards!! Perhaps next year I will continue my photo cards but then add a message inside similar, but not as elaborate, as the message you add to your card. It’s a thought.

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