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New trail

Ten days ago I posted photos of the closed southern portion of the bluff trail at Dungeness Recreation Area and an adjacent new trail under construction further inland. The other day we came upon the ranger-manager as he worked on the new trail which routes walkers inland from the bluff.

The old bluff trail, refurbished only three years ago, is permanently closed due to steady erosion and to prevent idiots misguided walkers from scaling adjacent unprotected bluff areas. Posts and wires are being installed along the new route which should be open (weather permitting work completion) within a couple of weeks. You will, no doubt, see this new trail once my feet get authorization to enter. Can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Walk this way”

  1. It’s too bad the old trail had to be closed, but safety first. This area, as I’ve said before, appears to be a great place to take a hike. And I get told to take a hike quite often. Looks like you had a nice day when the photo was taken as the man riding the tractor is sans jacket!

    I shall await eagerly your photos of the new trail.

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