Grey, anyone?

Grey day barn

Although we had rain enough, we didn’t get the truly nasty wet and windy hit that much of the West Coast suffered on Thursday. We’ve just had soggy and more soggy, grey clouds pouring down the Olympic Mountains until it’s hard to tell land from sky.

8 thoughts on “Grey, anyone?”

  1. Days like this make me a gloomy gus. Fortunately, we don’t have very many of them. Now I ticked off because it’s been so cold here. I may have to move further south!

  2. Yes indeed – we’ve had the grey weather – but I kind of like it. It does give us a challenge for photographs, but that little touch of color really shows up this time of the year. Love the green in the foreground.

  3. I’m seeing a lot of gray skies in photographs taken around the world. It was deep gray most of my time in Columbus this week, but today the Naples sky was blue (though cold for Naples). I’ll take it.

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