Bird condos

Birdhouse 2

There are some birdhouses that rarely fail to catch my eye, especially when I’m on the prowl for color. I’ve tried to shoot them more than once. The yard is surrounded by a cyclone fence that muscles into the shot.

Birdhouse 3

So I’ve cropped these shots. Smaller units are part of the housing development but they face another direction.

8 thoughts on “Bird condos”

  1. Well, thanks a lot! I’m in process of building a little birdhouse. It will look like something found in the aftermath of a war zone compared to these. Sheesh! Heck, you throw in some decent furniture and an elevator and I’d buy one of them. Nice shots. You took care of that old fence with no problem!

  2. Hah! Whenever I can’t think of a birthday or Christmas present for my sister, I give her a birdhouse. Similar to these, but natural colors.

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