This time of year most anything colorful in the natural world tends to stand out. A little snow in the background, dead grass, and all of a sudden fungi takes center stage. But the peeling bark and the grey fungus on this tree stump was interesting, too. It doesn’t take much to occupy me sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Fungi”

  1. I’ve taken many pictures of fungi – in nature, that is! The color is lovely and does brighten things up a bit. We’ve had gray and misty weather the last couple of days and I hate it! Today, though cold, is bright and sunny. Stay warm!

  2. I too find the little bits of color exciting in nature. Guess it doesn’t take much to excite Washingtonians in the winter. Did you get that rain and wind we got yesterday and last night. We had almost 4 inches of rain and the winds were unbelievable. I’m thankful for a very sturdy house.

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