Harrier harassment


I can’t tell you how many harriers around here have harassed me by perching on a post, just so. If I don’t have a camera they let me get tantalizingly close. If I am packing a camera they either turn away completely or fly off before I get anywhere in range. I take it personally.

This one figured he was off the hook because he blended so well with the background. Or maybe it was the smallness of my new camera. But I’m not proud. I’ll take the best I can get. Take that, Mr. Harrier!

10 thoughts on “Harrier harassment”

  1. Nice! On the rare occasion that I’ve managed to get a decent wildlife shot, I’ve found it very rewarding. Kay, please tell me about your new camera. I’ll be looking for small AND light in my next purchase.

  2. Great shot!!!! I agree – they see the camera and annoy me by flying off just as I get the right focus – and all I have is an empty post. Oh a heron will sit beside the road for hours with cars rushing by – slow down to get a picture and off they fly – instantly. Go figure.

  3. This harrier is now scheduled for remedial harassment training tomorrow morning. His colleagues are angry with him for letting you take his photo.

  4. You do seem to have a problem familiar to most photographers. The seagulls are even worse, ’cause they fly away then come back to poop on your head!

    I hate being harried by harriers or any kind of bird!

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