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I’ve posted a number of shots of the eroding bluffs at the Dungeness Recreation Area. But I didn’t expect the south end to be completely closed like this. I don’t know if it’s a proactive effort to avoid further erosion or an attempt to keep people from climbing up a steep and particularly dangerous off limits area.

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Another parallel trail further inland is under construction but apparently it’s not ready yet. Walkers are diverted to another trail, along the edge of a marshy area. It was pictured in my post yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Closed!”

  1. Boy, this is something! They could put up a big sign, “Take a hike!”

    But then again, you don’t want to go sliding down a mountain into an ocean! Looks like a nice place to walk or bike..

  2. Just a few weeks ago my daughter, wife, and I walked along this bluff fence in the Dungeness Recreation Area and wondered how much longer we would be able to do that.

    There’s been much talk and study to “stop” natural bluff erosion. However, that erosion continually feeds sand to the Dungeness Spit. Slowing or stopping the bluff erosion starves the Spit of sand and IT would eventually “disappear.”

    Good news, as the erosion continues, the new path soon to open will be on the edge of the bluff one day down the road. Maybe sooner than later?

  3. It is good to have signs to warn of danger – and utterly foolish of anyone to jump the fence and venture past the signs. They are there to protect not only the people but the hillside too.

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