Theme Day: Worker

Ranger Brittany

Today’s first of the month theme with City Daily Photo is “Worker.” I chose as my subject Olympic National Park Ranger Brittany, who led an informative walk at the former Lake Aldwell last summer. The public was invited to inspect progress on the restoration of the Elwah River through the lake bed after removal of two dams to restore an historic salmon fishery.

National Park Service Rangers protect and preserve the U.S. National Park System, many as educators, interpreters of natural and human history in the park units in which they work. They can, as well, fulfill law enforcement roles, act as first responders and emergency medical technicians, perform search and rescue, and/or act as fire fighters.

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14 thoughts on “Theme Day: Worker”

  1. All of these young Nat’l Park Rangers do a marvelous job on informing the public of our history. I have a similar photo of a young lovely at Fort Sumter, SC when touring the place several winters ago.

  2. Excellent theme day photo. These folks are so important and do so much good work. Unfortunately, they don’t get paid very much and there aren’t enough of them to meet the need of our national parks. Can you guess why?

  3. I agree, these workers make sure each visit is a safe and enjoyable time. I saw some parents this summer, in a busy park, who should be ashamed of themselves for letting their kids to not pay attention to the worker’s safety direction around some wild animals.

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