A dusting of the white stuff

November snow 2

We don’t get snow here often. Yesterday morning it snowed, thanks to a cold front that muscled in from the Fraser River Valley in British Columbia. The Fraser River dumps its waters into the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver. The weather systems it shares travel south and west when its deep freezes go further afield. When we get snow it comes to us compliments of Canada.

November snow 1

We’re fairly close to sea level and got only an inch or so, small potatoes compared with anywhere else where snow is more common. It’s enough here to be exciting…and polite enough to melt away before we’re sick and tired of it. Works for me.

7 thoughts on “A dusting of the white stuff”

  1. I spent a number of years in Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania. I’ve seen all the snow I ever wish to see. But as you say, it isn’t too bad when you get a little and it soon melts.

    We also got Ted Cruz compliments of Canada. I’ve tried to get Canada to take him back but they refuse, laughing hysterically. What does that mean, do you think?

    And…you have a suspicious mind. Are you sure you’re not a cop? 🙂

  2. I also like the polite snow that melts quickly, though we didn’t get any snow at all. Those west (you), west, north and south of us got it. We had blue skies and cold temperatures and no snow – but we drove up north just a few miles and found a little to take photos of.

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