Just add rhinestones

Foggy deer

I read in the local paper recently that a fawn was released at Fort Flagler State Park by an animal rescue center. The fawn had apparently been taken from its mother last spring and kept as a pet for about a week. When it arrived at the rescue center it was draped in a faux leopard skin coat and wore a rhinestone collar and leash.

The fawn’s captivity had been brief enough that it was easily returned to a wild state and it was released last month with three other orphans in an area not subject to hunting and with plenty of native plants to graze.

Hopefully the fawn is none the worse for wear. But you never know. Local boutique owners should check the outsides of their windows for signs of hooves and nose smears from a critter looking for just the right accessory for the season.

7 thoughts on “Just add rhinestones”

  1. These critters are so cute. But they can make a mess out of things – especially gardens. I don’t know what they’d be capable of if they were all dressed up in leopard skin coats and rhinestone collars. Yikes! Dear Me!

  2. I can’t even imagine anyone dressing up a deer like that – must have been quite a sight. I’m sure glad that she was released back into the wild. We have deer through our yard all the time – I garden on the deck because I don’t want to have to choose between gardening and the visiting deer.

  3. This one’s quite a beauty. Sad that someone feels they have the right to separate a fawn from the mother just because they think having it as a pet is a bright idea.

    At least it wasn’t for long.

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