Oh, the slippery slope!


I find this time of year hard. In the U.S. it’s the Food Season. Our Thanksgiving is Thursday so, of course, everyone’s favorite foods are front and center most anywhere food’s on display. And stay out of any kind of waiting room. Magazines pick up the slack and up the ante with slick shots of foods no self-respecting cook can resist. But Thanksgiving’s just the kick-off for further temptations, binges, snacks, little “extras,” and the only-at-this-time-of-year noshes. If it’s not one thing it’s another. And if you deny yourself one treat there’s a siren call just ahead…compensation for cold-shouldering the eggnog, pumpkin pie, Aunt Mabel’s ambrosia.

An entire wall of chocolate bars? Why not?! Heck, remember? You didn’t buy that 3 lb. box of peppermint chocolate bark yesterday. You’ve got it coming!

7 thoughts on “Oh, the slippery slope!”

  1. That is one big load of sweet stuff. Thanksgiving as come (October) and gone in Canada. Why we have them on different dates I don’t know. Thanks for pointing out the typo on my blog. The dog now checks out every nook and cranny. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh that I just had one vice – hee hee. I love dark chocolate – but most any kind will do. It does amaze me at how many ads there are for more food – like we don’t have enough planned already. But I love it – and tomorrow I begin baking pies, dinner rolls and sugar cookies shaped like leaves (I’ve been collecting the leaf cookie cutters for some time now and have all sizes. My grandmother used to say that a cookie eaten with a cup of tea is less fattening. Didn’t make sense to me then, doesn’t now, but I still like tea and cookies.

  3. We bought a couple of pies for Thanksgiving a couple of days ago and now they’re all gone. I don’t understand what happened to them. Guess we’ll have to back to the store; maybe on Wednesday.

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