Cooped up

Chicken coop

I’ve admired this cute little outbuilding for a while. It wasn’t until I stopped to take this shot that I discovered its apparent purpose: I think it’s a chicken coop. You may be able to see a three chickens back behind it on the right. Pretty classy digs, no?

10 thoughts on “Cooped up”

  1. When I saw this on the portal, I thought it was a bird house, and right I was!!! Slightly larger birds than I had originally imagined. Have another book recommendation: All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.

  2. It must be your zoom lens which compresses distance as I also thought at first it was a bird house. Well, a chicken coop is a bird house, right? Very cool digs, indeed, for chicks. Re Birdman’s comment: I’ve often been called a cluck. Oh, wait, no! It was klutz! Sheesh!

  3. We allow urban chickens in the Sarasota city limits. It would be quite neighborly to have something as nice as that to look at.

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