11 thoughts on “Obliging seagull”

  1. At least it didn’t attack you! This is a very nice photo – good work with the zoom! Hope you are feeling better today! I was going to tell a joke about a seagull but it works best on someone who’s gullible – which you’re not! Darn!

  2. Great shot – maybe if you took a bit of a snack for him he would perform for you – I’ve gotten some great seagull shots when other people have been feeding the seagulls.

  3. Nice capture! Love the deep blue of the water in the background. New camera? Very exciting! What kind? Perhaps I need to look at your previous posts for possible details…

  4. When our grandson was small we spent many happy summer vacations on Washington Island on Lake Michigan, and his favorite book, which we still have was about a seagull. We read it over and over again. Looks like this seagull is waiting for me to read to him, tool

  5. @Ron & SRQ: The new camera is a Nikon Coolpix S9700. I bought it for several reasons: it’s small and lightweight so it’s easy to carry all the time; it has a 30x optical zoom; the reviews I read gave it high marks as an all-in-one; there it was at Costco with $30 off.

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