11 thoughts on “High visibility”

  1. Fantastic view of traffic ahead… but a long way to fall. PS: My first view of your photo put a big smile on my face. Thank you Kay.

  2. What a great shot! I’ve not seen anything like this. What bothers me is how you get up there and even more frightening is how you get down! Plus, you’d have to be on the lookout for low-hanging branches!

  3. Comical in appearance, but I agree with Lowell, mounting and dismounting must be challenging. No helmet !!! – looks like a head injury waiting to happen.

  4. uuggghh
    too scary!!
    close to our first apartment in boston there was a meetup every so often with these kind of weird bikes… then they would bike around for a while….

  5. Interesting – but scary. No helmet? And how do you get down? The funniest thing I ever saw on a bike was a guy with his cat draped over his shoulders. I wondered if a dog took chase if the cat would scratch the guy’s head.

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