The Camperdown elm…again

C elm fall 2

We were minutes away from the Camperdown elm tree in Port Gamble last week as we drove home from Portland. Ever hopeful to see it wreathed in glorious fall colors we raced against sunset to take a look. As you can see, luck wasn’t going our way. It’s an amazing tree but I’m beginning to think that winter is its finest hour. Click here for links to previous shots.

7 thoughts on “The Camperdown elm…again”

  1. Great tree! We raced yesterday to a viewing spot to see the Sisters (mountains behind Mt. Baker) all covered in snow and they were bare as could be. They are several thousand feet lower than Mt. Baker – but we’ve never seen them in November without snow. Guess we’ll make another trip next month. At least the road to get to the view spot is not snowy when the mountains are.

  2. How many of us have raced against the setting sun to capture one of our favorite scenes?! I’m with Kate — you need to post a selfie with the Camperdown elm!

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