Next step: rubble

Fire rubble

Last May a spectacular fire destroyed the Baja Cantina and Sequim Consignment Store on Washington Street, leaving a scorched and collapsed shell. The Sequim Consignment Store has since relocated further east on Washington Street. I don’t know whether the Baja Cantina will reopen.

The building owner has been working with her insurance company to evaluate the loss and determine next steps for the charred remains. Heavy equipment descended on the site recently and all that was left the other day was a heap of debris.

6 thoughts on “Next step: rubble”

  1. Wow – hard to see buildings go down – it always amazes me how fast they can go from a building to a bare lot.

  2. What a sad sight for the business owner. I hope her insurance coverage is enough to get her back up and running in an even better facility.

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