Theme Day: Landmark

New Dungeness LH

Today’s City Daily Photo theme challenge is “landmark” and one of Sequim’s oldest and most distinctive is the New Dungeness Lighthouse. Opened in 1857 it guides maritime traffic away from the hazard of Dungeness Spit which juts into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

New Dungeness distance

The lighthouse is a five mile walk down the Dungeness Spit beach. Most people see it at a distance from land. But the New Dungeness Lighthouse Association, which maintains the station, supports a program that allows weeklong stays for volunteer lighthouse keepers (including transport in a four wheel vehicle). Volunteers stay in the Keeper’s Quarters, the building to the right, do light maintenance, and offer tours to visitors who’ve made the long walk to the lighthouse.

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13 thoughts on “Theme Day: Landmark”

  1. Because I was born in a tiny town on Lake Michigan, I have a very special feeling for lighthouses, fog horns, and the whole milieu. I would volunteer in a heartbeat to spend a week in your landmark. What a special experience that would be. . .the light of my life!!

  2. I had a feeling we would see something from Dungeness, though I don’t know it well enough to guess exactly what you would pick.

  3. I’m so bummed I missed theme day! You nailed this one, Kay. Beautiful capture of the lighthouse. Growing up on the Great Lakes, old lighthouses have a special place in this photograpgher’s heart.

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