Cattails in the sunset


The cattails at Dungeness Recreation Area grew taller this summer than any year since we’ve been here, helped, I think, by flooding from a nearby irrigation canal. The “dusk” setting on my new little (lightweight!) camera gave me the first passable silhouette in the past two months I’ve tried to photograph them.

7 thoughts on “Cattails in the sunset”

  1. I like the fact that you’re one of those people who keep trying and trying again. It was worth it; this is very well done, and I, too, am a cat tail fan. Of course, when I pull them, my cats tend to get a little frustrated with me!

  2. Cooler weather, mushrooms, and cattails – Fall is definitely here.

    Not sure why so many of us like cattails. Lovely shot, Kay.

  3. This is a keeper, Kay. Nice colors.

    I don’t quarrel with prohibitions on photography during performances. I just think it is ridiculous while the audience is gathering and the musicians are tuning up.

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