The “everything store” expands

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Swain’s General Store in Port Angeles is a local institution. Before we moved here DH informed me with an air of authority, “If Swain’s doesn’t have it you probably don’t need it.” The point can be argued. But for the real goods you need from day to day Swain’s has it. Tools, hunting and fishing gear, hardware, kitchenware, work, casual and outdoor clothing, shoes and boots. It’s all there. Mind you, Swain’s isn’t fancy. But when you need something and want to stay local I’m happy to leave fancy merchandising to the big city stores.

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A few months back the appliance store that shared the building with Swain’s closed, giving Swain’s an opportunity to expand. The wall’s down now and the store’s being rearranged. Shifting that much stuff seems like a herculean job. But another positive thing about Swain’s is that the staff is great and most of them have been there a long time and they’re in it for the long haul.

Swains 3

Here’s a peek into the new area. I’m sure everyone will be happy when the dust settles.

7 thoughts on “The “everything store” expands”

  1. Love hearing about local stores like Swain’s! Between stocking a bit of everything for everyone’s needs and having a helpful staff, it sounds like they’ve figured out the recipe for success.

  2. How fortunate you are to be able to shop in a place like this. I’m assuming it is locally owned and well-patronized. As I kid, in addition to libraries, I used to wander in stationery and hardware stores that were like siren calls to me. I was mesmerized by the inventory of these establishments.

  3. What a wonderful store – and now more of it. Two of my favorite stores are fabric stores and hardware stores – and not necessarily in that order, since I no longer quilt I’ve almost stopped going to fabric stores – but you can’t keep me away from a good hardware store. Here in Bellingham we have Hardware Sales – locally owned – wooden floored and just brimming with anything you might want or need kind of store. It is small-ish, with crowded aisles – but ask any of the many clerks roaming the store and they can go directly to the spot you need – whether it be big hoses, cement mixers or the tiniest bolt. Often the big box store’s answer to a query will be “I have no idea, maybe I can find someone who knows something” but at Hardware Sales they know what you mean, even when you have to explain it by saying “that little gadget that makes the pole slant over” or some such description. One day I got exceptional help from a gentleman and mentioned to the clerk what a good help he had been – and she smiled and said “he should be, he’s the owner”. Love that local flavor.

  4. I love love LOVE stores like this. In Naples, there is a fairly big store, Ace Sunshine Hardware, that has everything. But, in West Hartford there is a rickety old hardware store, Pfau’s, that is only two rooms, but it has EVERYTHING. I always go in there and with an inarticulate mix of “a thingamajig that does this” and hand gestures, the clerk deciphers what I want, goes into the back room and comes back with it.

  5. I especially like the Upstairs! Take the elevator if you like….and this is where I buy my UNDERWEAR!!! Wait for a great sale and you can’t beat the prices! They also have great Ladies Clothing. Who needs a MALL???

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