0 for 2

C elm fall1

I’ve shown you this Camperdown elm tree in Port Gamble, above, twice before, in winter and last summer. Since the trees around here are starting to show nice autumn colors I thought last week would be a good time to revisit this fascinating tree to see it in fall splendor. As you can see, I struck out.

Consolation tree

It wasn’t as if I completely misjudged Autumn’s progress. This tree was strutting its stuff a couple of blocks away. Not bad, but not the Camperdown elm. But we had a second excuse to go to Pt. Gamble: Mike’s Four Star BBQ. We’ve been without barbecue since Jeremiah’s in Sequim closed some months ago. And occasionally barbecue is just the ticket. Mike’s had some good reviews online. So, no autumn Camperdown elm? Okay. I can live with that. Let’s go to lunch.

Pt Gamble scene

The sign on Mike’s door said something about being closed for personal reasons. I hope it was nothing serious…but there went the barbecue dreams. I had a chocolate chip cookie and coffee to keep from chewing the car upholstery on the way back home. 0 for 2. I don’t know if I’ll get back to Port Gamble this fall for another shot at the tree. The scene above was near the elm and showed the misty mood of the day.

6 thoughts on “0 for 2”

  1. Nice fall perspectives. I particularly like your last pic with the mist. Sounds like your excursion just wasn’t meant to be. Thank goodness for the emergency cookie and coffee! Hope things in your world have been good.

  2. Good-sized pumpkins, Kay. One negative of being in Naples (Florida, that is) for Halloween is that very few of the retired folk go out trick or treating.

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