Searching for the perfect chile rellano


I’ve been searching for a good chile rellano since I left California. I know, I know. The further north you get from the Mexican border the lower the odds of finding one. But I still try. Last week we went to Jose’s Famous Salsa on East Washington. All in all the food was good. Compared to most I’ve had the rellano wasn’t disappointing. In fact, it was pretty good and the salsa’s really good. I think I’ll return and try their tacos and tamales. But I may have to head south for what I’m craving…or break down and get cooking.

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  1. We are experiencing similar withdrawls me think. Originally from Ca. but now living on the island of Cyprus for the last 12 years, good Mexican food can be found only in my dreams. We make as much as we can from scratch (flour tortillas, refried beans, rice, tacos,etc.) but cannot source corn tortillas or the flour to make them with, enchilada sauce, or chiles for rellanos. Apart from that, life is good….

  2. You have a better chance of finding one there than here. I went to a Mexican resto here lately and they served hamburgers! What has the world come to? :S

  3. I tried the tamales at Jose’s, but didn’t care for the fillings. I want to try their burritos.

    My go-to Mexican restaurant is Sergio’s on 7th Avenue. Though I haven’t had the chili rellanos, a friend raved about theirs.


  4. @SAM, Sergio’s my go-to also…but not for a rellano. The cheese hasn’t been melted in mine and a friend said hers were burned. Other dishes have been okay…

  5. We finally found Mexican food that tastes like what we would eat in S. California. Those ladies can really cook. I’m always astonished when people talk of gourmet cooking and don’t include Mexican – to me it is the top of all cooking. Where we found it here in Bellingham is Mi Mexico – delicious. They also have a restaurant in Burlington – and both are equally good. I think the owners and chefs must be from the same area of Mexico as the ones in S. California – they sure cook the same. There are so many different regional cooking styles in Mexico – just like in the US. Our daughters lived in Mexico City for several years and they said the thing that surprised them the most was the jello, plain jello, was served with almost every lunch and dinner. I would have never guessed that one.

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