Really? There??

Photo shoot

Looking at my shot yesterday a couple of people noted that the ground under the bluff at Dungeness Recreation Area didn’t look all that solid. Too right! So you can imagine my surprise a day or two later when we noticed the people shown above staging an intimate little photo shoot below the bluff, not far from yesterday’s shot.

This is not an accessible area. You can rappel down the sandy cliff or walk back along the beach from Dungeness Spit. However it’s accessed this is not a good place to perch and I’m sure that the area manager would be plenty upset.

Bluff perspective

Here’s a longer perspective of this spot taken a couple of years ago. You may notice a speck of bird — that’s an eagle. This spot is favored by birds, mostly seagulls. So even if it were a sensible place for taking pictures it wouldn’t rank high in my book for somewhere to lie down. Notice all the white specks in the shot up above? They’re not feathers.

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