More sand art

Inventor sculpture 1

I discovered some new sand sculpture in process last week on North Sequim Avenue. Sue McGrew, who recently completed a beautiful piece at the Arts in Action Festival in Port Angeles last month, was at work on this as I drove by.

Inventor sculpture 2

I don’t know the genesis of this piece but it looks to me like unique advertising for the law office behind it.

Update: The Peninsula Daily News has reported that this piece was commissioned by Jacques Dulin who is celebrating 50 years of patent law. Here’s a link to the article.

6 thoughts on “More sand art”

  1. The second photo of the sculpture on the left of the sign certainly fits the bill with “assets” as the giveaway, grinding away with ideas. Hopefully they will benefit society!

  2. That is such a clever marketing idea. I guess that if a man has spent 50 years around creative inventors, an idea like this would come to mind.

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