Who invited all these people?

YNP colorful people

Over three million people visit Yellowstone each year. Popular areas can get crowded by midday. But the park is so large it’s not hard to find solitude; early risers also can beat the crowds, have better wildlife sightings, and, of course, better light.

YNP pink lady

I enjoyed people-watching. This woman was just too cute to ignore.

YNP photo op

At times I felt like I was the only one in the park who didn’t insert myself, DH, or both of us into our photos. Photographers, m-a-n-y photographers, didn’t take shots unless one, several, or all the people in their group were in it.
I like people. Really! But it did mean long waits occasionally until another photographer’s shoot/reshoot/another shot was done.

YNP centerpiece

And then there were people who were just downright interesting. Like the couple next to us at dinner one night. First there were the selfies: her with a glass of white wine. Then a toast. Then both facing the camera. Then…what? A little bear dressed in a knit hat and jacket joined them at the table…don’t ask me…but it did smile for the camera.

7 thoughts on “Who invited all these people?”

  1. That last photo is a hoot! People do interesting things, some of which I find surprising in public. Just learned that a friend of mine takes a stuffed animal in bed with her; she’s a recent widow so I guess it gives her comfort plus who am I to judge? Love the woman in pink! I think a souvenir photo is too tempting to resist in an area of such beauty yet I marvel at how nature is sometimes ignored by humans.

  2. Wow – that’s a lot of people. Even at Birch Bay you find people in the way of scenery. There had been a wedding someplace last else last weekend, but they came to Birch Bay to take photos – in the water – the bride and groom – messing up their lovely clothes. I know it is the style now to “wreck the dress” – but come on – that is a LOT of money to spend to douse the dress in salt water. I’m sure that one day they will regret it – perhaps when their daughter wants to see mama’s wedding dress.

    Love the bear at dinner – we have a bear and a frog and a ragdoll that travel with us – one or more of them often get into the photos – especially at dinner (they might need some lessons in manners. LOL) It is a good conversation starter – or at least a smile gatherer.

  3. haha, the lady in pink…
    but yes, i also like to watch tourists….. also when im one myself. its fun to see what people do. or what they do fr photos…

  4. Hah! One of the executive assistants in my old legal department used to take a little bear on vacations and email back photos of the bear having a good time. I thought it was both funny and charming.

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