Now…where was I?

Collage licenses 1

Late last month we went somewhere new to us to do some exploring. It wasn’t long before we noticed that we were joined by people from far and wide. Have you ever taken a road trip and noticed car license plates from everywhere? Let me dispel any notion that it is something that people outgrow. At least I haven’t.

Collage licenses 2

As we moved around looking at sights I couldn’t resist recording the plates we saw from far and wide. The more I saw the more interesting it became. (I admit it. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to amuse me.) That is a European plate on the motorcycle in the bottom right, above. And a Dutch flag on a Harley Davidson (yeah, it’s not a plate, but I knew Cat would enjoy this). Then I noticed that Canadians were showing up, too.

Collage licenses 3

After DH mentioned “We haven’t seen any Mexican plates,” one morning, bingo! There was one from Chiapas, Mexico. But I’m not just posting a license plate collection here. I’m also issuing a challenge. Interested?

By the time we left I had captured 49 U.S. state license plates. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t find that last one. I’ll send a little souvenir of my trip to the first person who posts a reply which correctly tells me which state it is. (In case you have trouble reading it, the plate in the lower right of this collage is West Virginia. And the tiny one that reads “JAB” in the top shot is from New Hampshire. Two down, 47 to go.)

Porcelain Basin, Norris Geyser Basin

Where’d we go? If you don’t recognize it, this is Yellowstone National Park — Porcelain Basin in the Norris Geyser Basin. I came home with about 1,000 shots of this amazing place. I’ll show you a few of my favorites and give you a free tour in the coming days.

15 thoughts on “Now…where was I?”

  1. Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Tetons are on my List. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to your pictures.

    49 out of 50, very impressive. Is South Carolina your missing license plate?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. SAM, My mistake! I did find South Carolina, but posted South Dakota twice in error…so, you’re a winner! I’ll be contacting you by email.

  2. I see two of the same South Dakota plates, but I also cannot find a South Carolina plate. đŸ™‚ Nice collages!

  3. Kay, There were a few plates that I could not read; I have my map in front of me and those I could not find/read are South Carolina, Montana, and Rhode Island. From your previous bloggers, it’s probably South Carolina. Your mind works in strange ways!!

    1. Kate, you caught my error – I didn’t post my photo of South Carolina. There is a shot of a Montana plate in the second collage, under Ontario. But you did also catch the one I couldn’t find: Rhode Island. Bravo! I’ll be sending you and SAM modest souvenirs of Yellowstone.

  4. I did the same goofy thing many years ago in SoCal. The only plate I never found (until I got bored with my game) was West Virginia.

  5. What a fun project – I love looking at license plates. This summer our grandson Ben was on a quest to find as many different license plates as he could. We spent two weeks traveling back and forth to his summer day camp – right here in town, not 10 minutes from our house, and we found 18 different ones. That was amazing. He took a trip with his family to Olympia and found more – it was a good summer of hunting for license plates. I never tire of it either.

    Love your collages – great job capturing so many – I had no idea that people were driving that far to see the park.

  6. The only one I wasn’t sure on was if there’s a Rhode Island plate in there.

    Yellowstone is an amazing place. I must visit there again. It has been too long.

  7. great!! did you verify he/she was dutch? đŸ™‚
    i have to admit i dont know all the american states…. even hawaii is present? wow!
    we have not been to yellowstone… so i am looking forward to your photos!!

  8. This was a wonderful destination. Yellowstone (and the Tetons?) are beautiful and fascinating and educational. You are missing Rhody? I can send you photos of RI plates by the cartload.

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