Animal portraits


The animals that visitors see at the Clallam County Fair are raised and shown by various 4H clubs. Many of the dogs we saw last Saturday competed in agility trials.


I know the bunnies were judged on their bunniness qualities but for me it was a walk down the Cute Animal isle.


Mama swine had a passel of suckling piglets. While we visited her, 4H members who had raised pigs were moving them through their paces at an auction nearby. Many 4H livestock projects culminate at auctions at the fair. The animals they raise are auctioned and the “project” quickly becomes a commodity.


This rooster had just finished a “cock-a-doodle-doo” serenade.


The cattle are really groomed for showing.

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  1. First day of our Fair and it’s raining! Glad I hadn’t planned on going today, but can’t wait to see the same bevy of animal beauties that you have posted here!

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