People and animals at the fair

Kid and kid

It can probably be argued that a county fair is a holdover from the days when agriculture was front and center in most communities across the U.S. and the business of agriculture — showing prized animals, stock auctions — was a community focal point. That’s less the case in many regions today, but the fair still has value. We need to remember — and children need to learn — where our food and fiber comes from. And maybe it’s because I’m an animal lover, but I believe that humans have a natural affinity for animals. Fairs give some of us a fleeting chance to touch skin to fur and feathers and see animals that aren’t part of our daily lives.

Bunny people

People line up to touch. They ooh and aah over softness or texture, snuggle where they can.

Calf boy

Children have a chance to see and learn, often with babies that are just the right size, without the typical “don’t touch!” warnings.

Goat bliss

And the interaction goes both ways.

7 thoughts on “People and animals at the fair”

  1. these are cute pictures!
    i never had the urge to touch animals… im often even afraid of them! but from a distance i like to watch. and nowadays, when im in the train, i like to see all the cows in the dutch pastures….

  2. Your photos make me happy that the Minnesota State Fair is going to begin tomorrow. Of all my friends, I think that I am still the only one who attends each year: my routine is to drive early, enjoy the Fine Arts Bldg, my first stop, which is a marvelous display of Minnesota artists, the Education Bldg where I see work done by Minnesota students plus learn about various educational programs, view all the talent in the Crafts building, watch any of the dog shows, see some of the Univr. of MN veterinary surgeries, visit my alma mater bldg (Unv. of Mn), take a break to buy a roasted corn, stroll over to “All the Milk You Can Drink” booth, passing and visiting the Dept of Natural Resources building on my way to the animal barns and horse show. If I have any energy left, I sit at one of the restaurants (no cheese curds and other exotic foodsk, please), have a beer and perhaps a Chcago hot dog before stumbling over to the free-ride buses back to my neighborhood. My DH finds my routine a bit exhausting. Taking photos all the time, of course. Did I miss something?

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