The logging show

Logging Ma n Pa2

This weekend is the Clallam County Fair and yesterday was the logging show. For the uninitiated (me, for instance), the show is focused on competitive skills: we watched sawing and axe throwing. What you see here is “Jack and Jill” two person manual sawing. Simply said, the couple is timed as they saw through a log as fast as possible. It’s like an instant snapshot metaphor of marriage in action.

Logging Ma n Pa

Logging is part of the local history and heritage here. I’ll show you more of the action tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “The logging show”

  1. Who would think? A logging show? I don’t think we have those down this away. Your right about working together in a marriage…y’all better push and pull at the right time! Looks like fun, though.

  2. The country fair season has just begun here. Competitions like this vary across the country. A logging competition fits with PNW.

    And, no, Meryl was not there on Thursday night, so I don’t know how she reacts to very good meals.

  3. Our state fair starts in a few days and I’m sure that there will be similar activities there, too. Those men are good team worker, but it looks too vigorous for me.

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