9 thoughts on “For sale”

  1. Ohh pretty. We are not looking to buy either – we have only lived in our new house 6 years – it is our forever house and we are superbly happy with it. Trees on three sides – only one neighbor visible out the back – quiet street – and only 5 minutes from the grandsons – can’t beat that.

  2. You and I have similar tastes in houses. Although I’m very happy in our current house, we were bike riding today and saw several nice places…one was a large home on about 3 acres, with big garage, huge shed, lots of space for horses, etc. They wanted $350K. Too much.

    I’d be tempted by this beauty, though. If I lived in your town. Whew! Glad I’m still in Florida. 🙂

  3. The house itself is attractive, but I am not enamored of those soldier trees against the garage. But, landscaping is relatively cheap, so it is fixable.

    The Naples house is a keeper but one of these days a decision needs to be made about Wes Hartford. But, there is no rush.

  4. na, too far!!
    but i wouldnt mind having so much space….. im tired walking up 4 flights of stairs…. (na, im mostly tired of the neighbors…)

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