City Hall update

Civic Ctr Aug 14

So far there’s not much drama as the new Sequim City Hall begins to take shape. But compared to my first post last June, here, you can see progress. I was lucky to find an open gate that allowed me to avoid those nasty “through the cyclone fence” construction shots.

Civic Ctr 2 Aug 14

The foundation’s been poured and the blue coloring you see is insulation. The garden of upright piping, seen better in the top shot, is stubbing for plumbing and electrical.

7 thoughts on “City Hall update”

  1. Well, getting nowhere slowly is better than getting nowhere at all. And when it comes to construction, a slower process can be beneficial. I watched Pulte Homes build houses in Stone Creek – they’d pour concrete one day and start laying blocks the next, even in the rain!

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