Throughout summer thistles grow, bloom, and then go to seed. They have tough, toothed leaves with sharp spines and thick, fibrous roots. I can’t find anything to recommend them.

Thistles 3

This time of the year thistles go to seed. They produce downy puffs, prodigious amounts of them, that get airborne in our afternoon breezes. I looked out a window the other day to see great drifts of thistle puffs blowing past like a peculiar summer snowstorm.

Thistles 2

The fluffy seeds get caught on anything in their path. Then with fall rains they wash into the soil and continue the cycle.

8 thoughts on “Thistles”

  1. Attractive photos of an unattractive plant. I have always been intrigued by language, and am delighted by the sound of the word “thistle”–have to laugh sometimes about the varied thoughts that I have when I view blogs. Thistle! thistle! thistle!!

  2. Like dandelions. Not my favorites.

    You led me to an education in English usage. I always thought dawn (the time) was when sunrise (the event) occurs, but it is light before then, which I called pre-dawn. BUT, my research tells me that first light is dawn, first appearance of the sun is sunrise, and the period between them is twilight (which I thought was only in the evening).

    You smarty!

  3. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. The (short) story is that sleeping Scots were awakened by an invading party of Norsemen by their cries as they stepped on thistles. The roused Scots allegedly then defeated the Viking invaders.

  4. well… isnt that amazing?!
    but i have to say…. we were trying to get dandelions out with the root and all; not an easy task!! i remember your earlier post once where you said you didnt like those plants…… my mom just told me you have to get out the ENTIRE root or they will just come back… i dont think we managed that for many… buhu
    tim and me came to the conclusion that a garden is a lot of work. consisting of planting flowers that dont want to grow, while trying to get rid of flowers/plants that are more than happy to grow….

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