Utility art

Corner art

I read in the paper a couple of months ago that the City of Sequim had commissioned art to cover some of the utility vaults around town. The art here is from the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe, more than likely Dale Faulstich, graphic artist and carver of totem poles. (I can’t find the article I clipped about this. How this could happen on my desk?)

As I aimed at the vault my husband pointed out the vintage “Henry J” driving past. Not familiar with this old timer? Click here for more details.

Corner art 2

This spot is in the heart of downtown. The Sequim Open Air Market is held here on Saturdays. In the distance is Pan d’Amore, our go-to for artisan breads, and to the right is Over the Fence, a source for home and garden decor.

9 thoughts on “Utility art”

  1. I sometimes forget about all the old vintage cars and the manufacturers. Perhaps that’s why I like to stop at old car-rallies. Adding art to utility vaults is a splendid idea, and the classic Northwest art design is perfect!

  2. tims place has a garden. it was neglected for years! and now we are hoping to figure out how to maintain a garden… at least a little bit….

  3. An interesting coincidence that you feature painted utility box today. I read that a street in Hartford has had about 20 utility boxes painted by artists selected through a competition and I planned to go tomorrow to see them and take some photos. But, we are scheduled for a nasty rainstorm so I might be housebound. You will see them eventually . . .

  4. That is a very nice “heart” of downtown. I love the painting on what I’ve always called utility boxes. 🙂 I haven’t seen a Henry J since the early 60s. I probably would not have remembered the name until I saw it here. That’s amazing. They were junk then so I can’t imagine any of them lasting this long!

  5. Lovely art – so appropriate – and what a great chance for a vintage car photo. I’ve been seeing more of the old cars lately. This morning I saw two darling little red Datsun 200s – exactly the same – one after the other in the line of traffic – and I didn’t have a camera handy. Tonight I saw a Corvair – drat – no camera again – I’m going to have to set me little camera in the slot above the radio so I can capture some of the cars.

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