Today is a mini celebration with three tiny and delicious cupcakes from That Takes the Cake, Sequim’s cupcake mecca. My first post went live three years ago today. Counting this one, that’s 1,072 posts. It’s been an adventure.

I’ve seen more things through my camera than I ever imagined. I’ve done more things, too, in the service of blogging. Peering more deeply at the mundane, stopping by the sides of roads, thinking in pictures, introducing myself to strangers…and, yes, sitting at the computer, all come to mind.

I’ve “met” a lot of interesting bloggers from around the world and seen inspiring, amazing images.

It’s gratifying that people like you visit this blog and that some even make time to comment. And it’s nice, too, to capture bits of life in photographs. Thanks for joining me on the ride!

Kay n Brownie

And since today is sort of about me here’s a selfie of me dazzling the world with my high end Brownie Hawkeye.

17 thoughts on “Three”

  1. It’s a wonderful post today, Kay. I love your blog and have learned a great deal from you. Yes, we all seem to have become more alert about our surroundings with an increased appreciation for life and the world that is presented to us for our wonder and pleasure. Keep blogging and commenting, my friend!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Since the day you took over, I have enjoyed your posts so much that Sequim Daily Photo became one of my browser “home pages”. I started watching it before your time in hope of learning the town because I kept visiting, and now I keep watching it in hope of learning the town because I moved here from Texas. Thanks for brightening my days and giving me a new perspective!

  3. A beautiful post, Kay. Thanks for inviting us along on your ride. Every day is an adventure and I’m glad to have met you and your blog! Congratulations on your 3rd blogoversary.

    I had one of those cameras in my collection at one time, but it has now disappeared – and I know not where! 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Kay, on #3 – always enjoy visiting this site and your very informative narratives. Enjoy the continuing ride!

  5. Three! I certainly can’t miss this very special post. (Actually, with my traveling I actually could have missed it, but a little birdie told me about it so I made sure to visit!!!) Congratulations! I always enjoy my visits as well as hearing from you. You have a refreshing intelligence blended with humor. And we almost have a photo of you, too! That would be too much for one day. I was going to send you a gift in honor of the day, but having neither your name nor your address, it can’t be done. But, if you want to get yourself a gift, you can look here:

  6. What a great day! You’ve shared some great photography! My sister is always asking me, “Did you see the photo she posted?” Congratulations!

  7. OOHH! congratulations!! 3 years, really?! i remember the blogger before you… tims is running so fast…
    and in the meantime i visited your little town and we didnt meet (my fault… 🙁 ), but we did go by it because of your blog!
    and i have never seen so much of you, nice selfie!

  8. TIME is running so fast…
    (although tim is indeed a faster and better runner than me…)
    typing is not going very well today

  9. I had to return to this post because I am intrigued by your camera. Is this the one you regularly use and how long have you had it?

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