Seen and recognized


Here’s another one of those “thingy” things from a past that evaporated while some of us weren’t looking. Or maybe you never even saw one.

This is an insulator, once used to protect electrical wires on power poles. I remember seeing them, not that I often stood next to poles, gazing up at them. And I remember seeing them in old stores that smelled of wood and dust and maybe mildew. Stores that sold all kinds of nifty things that were recognizable if you knew how things worked. DH knew what it was. He’s pretty cool that way.

8 thoughts on “Seen and recognized”

  1. Oh yes…these were ubiquitous when I was growing up. When our son was a teenager, we lived for awhile in Pennsylvania. He would dig in river banks and other such places and would find all sorts of old bottles and jars and a number of these insulators.

    Sorry, but I don’t know if Red’s serves corned beef hash. Probably, though.

  2. Our son used to collect these when he was in college – he would find old abandoned poles in the “wilderness” around San Diego and climb the poles – made a mother quite nervous, as you can guess. He often sold them to antique stores and made quite a bit of college spending money.

  3. My husband has a small collection of insulators. And on the rail lines near here I can still see some on the tall poles. Clear glass and not this pretty colour, though.

  4. I remember these..this one looks like a “Hemingway”…maybe. My parents collected them after I left for college and I my dad would always give me one when I went to visit. (they are nicely boxed up and in the garage) There is a website called Crown Jewels of the Wire with more information for those who are interested.

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