The supercarrier


Fort Flagler State Park, on Marrowstone Island, is located adjacent to a U.S. Navy ammunition depot on Indian Island. As we camped last week we saw this aircraft carrier parked at the depot. It caught DH’s attention as it’s one of the few remaining of this type, similar to one he called home long ago.

This is the USS Nimitz on a very rare stop here, its fifth since it was commissioned in 1975. It’s a big ship, over 1,000 feet in length. It offloaded ammunition and conducted crew training while at Indian Island for about five days. It will move next year to Bremerton for maintenance and modernization.

4 thoughts on “The supercarrier”

  1. Although I spent a few years in the Navy, I was never on a carrier. They are monsters from what I’ve heard – a city on the water.

    Re your golf club comments. I can’t answer those questions. I know nothing. I go someplace to play, someone puts a club in my hand, and I try to hit a little, dimpled white ball – most of the time not very successfully. But I’m out in the fresh air, doing a bit of walking, and I manage to have fun. Usually. Yesterday I had fun. I even hit the ball once or twice. I may do it again if I gain enough courage. 🙂

  2. pretty! all in blue….
    and i havent been here for too lang. as usual….
    trying to catch up in the coming days…

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