Collage windplay

Fort Flagler State Park is a beautiful place to camp but it does get windy. Some of the most popular campsites are close to the beach in arguably the most windswept part of the park. Campers in this area celebrate the wind with all manner of flying and twirling color. This is just an assortment. There’s also an entire milieu of forms (flamingos, flags, and mushrooms come to mind) planted closer to the ground.

5 thoughts on “Windplay”

  1. This is a rather unique thing. I’ve not seen these at a camping site before. Wait a minute, I’ve not been to a camping site before! Fun, though.

    Flagler is a well-known name here in Florida…There was a Flagler who came to Florida, built a railroad that went down to the Keys. There’s lots of streets named Flagler and a Flagler College in St. Augustine. I’m sure our Flagler is not related to your Flagler although stranger things have happened. Like when Chow Mein is called Yakisoba.

    Just kidding! Thanks for the info. That will help me if I ever eat in a Japanese restaurant.

  2. Love all the kites – seems we see a lot of them in the summer with the great wind on the coast. So why don’t we have wind power for our electricity????

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