Old Mill Cafe

Old Mill 1

Here’s one of our locally-owned restaurants, the Old Mill Cafe in Carlsborg. It’s a reliable stop for a tasty breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner but we’ve liked the breakfasts so much it’s gotten stuck as one of our breakfast meccas. They have a selection of burgers that sounds like they take them seriously. I’ve got to give that a try.

Old Mill3

The restaurant has some beautiful glass windows. One of the owners is a stained glass artist.

Old Mill 2

This window, beautifully framed in blue, is nicely complimented by blue glass vases.

There is also an interesting array of old logging tools and equipment. The cafe is across the street from the location of an old lumber mill.

7 thoughts on “Old Mill Cafe”

  1. Looks like my kind of place. We have something similar here, called “Reds.” It’s usually jam-packed as they give you lots of good ol’ greasy food for breakfast and lunch – no dinner.

    I wonder how man “Old Mill” restaurants there are in this country? Must be thousands!

  2. I would enjoy the stained glass, as well as the cobalt blue glass (my favorite color). I rarely go out for breakfast. Maybe I should try it some time.

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