The dead barn

Barn collapse 1

I first posted the shot above in September 2012. By December 2012 more of the roof had collapsed and it wasn’t looking good.

Dead barn

For a long time, driving onto the freeway below the hilltop where this barn has stood, it was possible to see the remaining structure. A while back I realized I hadn’t seen it for a while. I drove to where I now know it stood and took the shot above. Not much left standing now. I’m truly sorry to see it go.

8 thoughts on “The dead barn”

  1. I wonder if there would be enough salvageable wood to use for an artistic project. Would be a nice “memorial” for the old barn.

  2. I’ve seen several old barns go like that – it is indeed sad. I think photographs at least save, for a little while, the glory of the old barns.

  3. It is gone as a functioning barn, but someone should quickly salvage the wood. Weathered wood like that is very popular for some applications.

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