Independence Day

July 4

July 4th in the U.S.A. is often celebrated with food: barbecues, picnics, potlucks. Food usually includes something we love but really shouldn’t eat. We fly more flags than usual, shoot off fireworks, and make noise if we don’t have anything sparkling in the air. On the Olympic Peninsula there are parades or games for families. All in all, a nice way to celebrate independence and remember that for most of us life is pretty darned good. Happy 4th!

4 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. Nice red, white and blue image. Perfect for the holiday!

    I hope you have enjoyed the celebrations and didn’t eat or drink too much!

    (I had a heckuva time trying to get on your site today . . . kept getting hung up . . . glad that it all finally got sorted out.)

  2. Catching up on missed posts—yes, the 4th of July celebrations are always so much fun, wherever one may be. Mine this year was delightful!

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