Theme Day: Celebrating summer

Collage summer lavender

Meeting the City Daily Photo theme challenge this month was a no-brainer. In Sequim for many people “celebrating summer” is all about lavender. Sequim is one of the largest lavender-growing regions in North America. In mid-July our city and local growers host the Sequim Lavender Weekend, revolving around all things lavender. So if you want to celebrate summer with us, think purple!

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12 thoughts on “Theme Day: Celebrating summer”

  1. This looks like a perfect way to celebrate summer! How grand to be able to join an entire community to share the pleasures of your region. You chose a terrific variety of photos to show us the events.

  2. What could represent Sequim more appropriately in the summer than lavender? I started looking at this blog after The Lavender Lady left it, but I have equated the place with that marvelous scent for as long as I even knew that such a place as Sequim existed.

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