Avian “top gun”

Tree swallow

Tree swallows are among the earliest birds we’ve seen nesting around our neighborhood. They’re typically the first to move into our birdhouses and they won’t broach prior claims. Let’s just say they take what they want.

They are spectacular to watch in flight. I prefer not to overuse the word, but “awesome” really fits here. They hunt for flying insects and eat on the wing. The aerobatics are stunning for their speed and midair maneuvers. And those blue feathers you see above are beautifully iridescent as they catch the light.

4 thoughts on “Avian “top gun””

  1. Pretty darn cute pic on the wire fence. I don’t know that we have these down here but I do remember them from my childhood in Minnesota. What I don’t remember is all the fancy flying they do so thanks for that.

    Have a great day!

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