In season: butterflies

Butterfly 1

I was happy to come upon this butterfly last week. And here’s another universe where I’m a rank amateur: butterfly identification. But if the photo I found through Google led me right, this is a Lorquin’s Admiral.

Butterfly 3

I can’t tell you much about butterflies except they’re another part of the working class that we can thank their services: pollinators.

Butterfly 2

Pollinators transfer pollen in plants and fertilize them. We eat dozens of food crops that rely on pollination from apples to lemons and squash. Though bees do most of the heavy lifting in this area, butterflies also provide this service.

7 thoughts on “In season: butterflies”

  1. Gorgeous shots, Kay. Not easy to catch a butterfly with blurring! I dunno their ID’s either but I figure that’s OK ’cause such ignorance does not affect my appreciation for their beauty!

  2. Sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with my mind. I meant to say, “Not easy to catch a butterfly without blurring!” 🙂

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