More avian “LBJs”

White crowned sparrow

I’m a rank beginner when it comes to identifying birds and have only lately tried photographing the smaller ones. I’ve known people who’ve broadly classified them as “LBJs,” Little Brown Jobs. I’ve cracked open a couple of bird books and done my best here. This one looks like a white-crowned sparrow to me.

Savannah sparrow

I should stick with “LBJ” for this one but I’ll stick my neck out and suggest it’s a Savannah sparrow. I know. It looks a lot like yesterday’s finches. But it’s got a bigger eye with white around it and there’s some pink on its bill. Anyone who knows better is very welcome to comment and set the record straight.

5 thoughts on “More avian “LBJs””

  1. I think you’re probably right on both birds. Both are found in the NOP region. Nice pix, keep ’em coming. (An alternate phrase for hard-to-identify small birds is LGB — little grey birds.)

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