The repurposed birdbath

Drinking fountain

I thought the deer was headed for my soon-to-bloom dahlias so I threw back the door, stood in the doorway, clapped my hands, and shouted, “SHOO!” The deer gave me a calm, wide-eyed look. Then she hopped up and started drinking. When she was done she gave me another look as if to say, “Hey, could you get out here and keep this thing a little more full?” Really!

7 thoughts on “The repurposed birdbath”

  1. oh my oh my!
    amaaaaaaazing!!! i think i would have scared the deer away with my laughter… this is just too funny….
    (btw, you are so right, i also think americans would have reacted so differently if we had been “washing” the car a bit long at their pump. its really interesting how after being back a year i more and more see the differences so clearly. im just afraid people around me get bored by my phrase “but in america they…. blablblabla”)

  2. Good shot! I’m sure that if she could she would have thanked you for the water. I notice that more creatures drink from my birdbath than bathe.

  3. Wow- fabulous capture. Our birdbath is two pieces – the stand and the bowl and often the deer have knocked the bowl off – and sometimes it is our friendly neighborhood racoons.

  4. Oh deer me! This is fantastic. I know deer can make a mess out of one’s garden or flower beds but this is too funny. The poor thing was not threatened by you at all. It could tell at a glance and the way you said, “Shoo!,” that you were a real softy!

    And haven’t you ever heard of faux artifacts? 🙂

  5. Marvelous capture!

    I’m sure the deer have done that before plenty of times when you weren’t looking. Perhaps they’d be happy if you installed one at a lower height they can reach without getting on their back hooves?

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