A return to Fort Flagler

Battery Downes

We camped at Fort Flagler State Park early this month, our second trip there. It’s fast becoming a favorite place. Fort Flagler was originally a military installation tasked with protecting entry into Puget Sound. Like many such sites, the setting is spectacular and now permits public use in a gorgeous area boasting great natural appeal. But the human history, the remains of the old bunkers, is haunting and stark. I rarely see shots in black and white, but Battery Downes at the Fort was an exception.

Battery Downes 2

I’ve been to abandoned ghost towns, Native American ruins, other decommissioned bases, and places left behind. As stark as this place is, it somehow has a greater human presence than I’ve felt at other similar spots. I’m not sure why.

6 thoughts on “A return to Fort Flagler”

  1. I remember previous pics of this old fort. There is no question the ghosts linger and that’s the presence you feel. Well, it could be. Maybe. Or maybe there was a breeze blowing through? šŸ™‚

    I’ll bet your hubby had a grand Father’s Day. I did. Played golf!

  2. there was a similar looking fort not too far from boston, but it was entirely covered in graffiti (and nothing arty, just ugly tagging mostly) so sad!!

  3. Pretty steep steps. I’m a bit surprised that camping is allowed in a place that is historically significant as this is.

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