In season: strawberries

Camerons 1

The eagerly-awaited signs are up on the road announcing that strawberries are ready to pick and the true believers were at work yesterday at Cameron’s. This group picked the goods for the Strawberry Jam Queen — hidden behind the man in shorts — 36 pounds of big, plump berries, destined for “outrageously delicious” homemade jam.

Camerons 2

It’s a wonderful pastime for pickers of all ages and the rewards are heavenly. At $1.75 a pound it’s a good deal on delicious fruit and a great way for kids to learn where food comes from.

Camerons 3

Though the field is sheltered by trees, there’s still a nice view of the Olympic Mountains in the background.

7 thoughts on “In season: strawberries”

  1. What fun! We’ve done that in the past. In south Florida there are some really nice strawberry fields. When we were young and living in Scottsdale, Arizona, we picked grapes: 5 cents a pound for the grapes you picked; 10 cents if they were already in a bag. And they were sooooo good!

  2. Such a nice series of photos, Kay. Strawberries! Not yet around here. We don’t have as many pick-your-own places these days. I think the farmers have decided that there was too much waste.

  3. yumyumyum. i would like some strawberries too… here they still are a bit too expensive, but i guess soon they will be cheaper…

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