I saw this innocent looking piece of driftwood. I liked the light. It wasn’t until I got it home that it took on a new life. Now it looks like a sea creature to me.

8 thoughts on “Metamorphosis”

  1. Driftwood makes wonderful pieces for art work. George Morrison, a well-known painter and sculptor, originally from Minnesota and a Chippewa Indian (alto he did not classify himself as a Native American artist–too restrictive), has created marvelous art with wood. One of his large pieces, all of Lake Superior driftwood, hangs in the Minneapolis Art Institute, and his work is shown and collected world wide. He was married to one of my colleagues, another artist named Hazel Belvo. I am including a website of his images, and you can see photos of the driftwood art I’ve mentioned. The horizon line in the large pieces amazing…it is beautiful as is his other work.

  2. if I look at it for a while I see a seal, and then I see a dog – and then a gnome. Wonderful piece of wood – it is good for the soul to see the creatures that live in nature.

  3. It’s a petrified gator, obviously! Great pic! But if you’re going to use such big words I’m going to have to get a bigger dictionary! 🙂

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