The new City Hall

Civic Ctr June 14

They had the formal ground breaking for Sequim’s new City Hall last week. You know the event: Five or six people lined up wearing hard hats and wielding shovels, throwing a little dirt around. The real work has already begun; in April I posted the demolition of the old building, here. And before the shovel ceremony there were surveyors and others getting the work underway.

Civic Ctr 2 June 14

These days the progress is subtle; behind a cyclone fence it’s even more masked. There are forms being built for foundations here. Once the foundation is poured and set things begin to rise above ground. From time to time I’ll drop by the site to show you how things are going.

5 thoughts on “The new City Hall”

  1. This fascinates me. How did the town decide a new city hall was needed? Did y’all vote? And who designed the city hall?

    So many questions, so little time before it begins to appear above all those fences! đŸ™‚

  2. I am looking forward to your photos the of the construction project. You are right about the ground breaking ceremony. They are so routine.

  3. And we are all left to guess at what architectural style Sequim has chosen for its new hall. It can be functional or it can be an expression of vanity. (I’m actually a fan of municipal vanity . . . cities should express pride and reach for the skies.)

    And my good friend Kay would be a comic con attendee? Wonders never cease!

  4. It’s interesting to watch this kind of progress. I’m doing the same thing with the renovation of our neighborhood library. Can’t wait ’til it reopens.

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