Classic ride looking for new driver

Model A

This 1929 Ford Model A is parked along Old Olympic Road, waiting for an excited pair of new hands on its steering wheel. The sign on the window says it was restored to “driver quality” in 1996 and has been driven 88,500 miles since then.

Model A ornament

If this looks like something you’d like to buzz around in the asking price is $15,500.

9 thoughts on “Classic ride looking for new driver”

  1. Hokay, I’m on my way. But I’ll bet your DH would buy it before I could get there. That’s a beauty. $15.5 K doesn’t sound like a bad price, either. If one had $15.5K, that is. I rode in a few of those when a youngster. Once in a Model T, even. 🙂 And yes, I am that ancient! Sheesh!

  2. That’s a good looking Model A. Looks like someone gave it some TLC. The mileage is a bit surprising, though. Who knew anyone would actually drive it that much?! This photo wouldn’t be the same if the car was sitting in a bland parking lot. Love the bright green grass and blue sky.

  3. @Andy, it does have a rumble seat. @Lowell, DH has a fleet of boats and boat gear on his wish list, followed by a bunch of vehicles, mostly from the 60s.

  4. Great photo – great car. That’s not a bad price at all. I’ve seen some that are not in such pristine condition for a lot more. Now where did I put that 15,500.00?

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